Central Park In All Its Glory

by Leslie on November 5, 2013

Central Park 2New York City is at its best right now. Let’s face it, summer in the city is sweltering. Winter is an endless bone-chilling, slushy mess. But oh does NYC know how to do fall and spring. For a few short weeks the city is magic. This past Saturday, temperatures rose just high enough for us to leave our coats at home.
Light sweater weather is where it’s at! We headed straight to Central Park for a picture perfect fall day – cool, crisp air; all the trees in amazing shades of gold, orange, and red; that irresistible crunch under our feet. Gus played in the leaves, practiced walking (He’s finally walking! Yay!), and tried to shove every acorn in his mouth. A day like this can make me forget all about that foul-smelling, un-airconditioned subway ride in August and the icy puddle I will inevitably step in soon. A day like this and all’s forgiven.

central park 1gus cpgus walkingcp 3gus cp 1central park bubbles

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Linda Wisenr November 9, 2013 at 9:39 pm

What a doll! He is precious. The pictures are beautiful of Central Park colors.


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