Mother’s Day in Chatham

by Leslie on June 4, 2013

IMG_0622I’ve been meaning to share these pictures with you for a few weeks now. I almost didn’t write this post at all because I’d waited so long, but I’m averaging one post every two months these days, so I figured I couldn’t waste it. Plus, while a little selfish, one of my favorite parts of having this blog is being able to go back and relive events in my life, and this is one I don’t want to forget. So please forgive me as I use this space as my own personal scrapbook. I swear I’m going to get it together and start blogging regularly again… about things that interest more people than just my relatives. Will somebody please come over and teach this baby to nap?

This year, Mother’s Day coincided with our final weekend in Providence (We’re back in Brooklyn! Yippee!), so we decided to take a last minute getaway to Cape Cod while we were so close. On a whim, I looked into staying at the Chatham Bars Inn, a gorgeous 100 year old hotel I’ve been dreaming about for the past eleven years. My first time at the inn was the weekend of my college graduation. A bunch of my family were in Boston for the ceremony and somehow we ended up in Chatham having drinks on the inn’s beautiful porch perched up on a hill overlooking the Atlantic. It was love at first sight. Many years later I took Jolian back for drinks when we were vacationing in nearby Brewster and he loved it as well. In the past when I’d looked into staying there it had always been way out of our price range, but luckily this time we were going over a Sunday night in the off season and to my surprise it wasn’t so bad. We jumped at the opportunity. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

capecodIt was a little chilly and foggy when we arrived, so first, we headed to the Chatham Pier Fish Market for a clam chowder, lobster roll, and fish sandwich – our standard order whenever we’re at a New England beach. I fancy myself a bit of a fish shack connoisseur (nbd) and this was darn good. After lunch, we took Gus to the beach to dip those chubby little baby toes in the ocean for the first time. You can scroll down and see for yourself – he was not a fan. I can’t blame him. That water was cold. We promptly headed into town to buy him books and toys to make up for the trauma we’d just caused. We’ve got this parenting thing down, right?!

capecod2The sun came out as we were checking into the hotel. We headed out onto that glorious porch and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine in the sunshine before going to dinner at the Impudent Oyster. It was just as beautiful as I’d remembered. If you’ve got some money to burn and are looking for a perfect Cape Cod vacation, I can’t recommend Chatham Bars Inn highly enough. Somebody needs to get married there… and invite me please.

capecod3The next morning, we woke up to a clear, bright sky so we headed down to the beach before we had to leave. We walked a bit and of course had another photo shoot. Because what is life but a continuous photo shoot with a baby in the digital age? I have two photo albums of my entire childhood; Gus has a 2 TB hard drive of his first 9 months.

capecod4It was a great first Mother’s Day. I feel so lucky to be that baby’s mama. It’s totally cliche, but for a long time I figured living in New York meant there was a good chance I’d be single forever, living in a 4th floor walk-up with a roommate who sleeps in the living room with a makeshift wall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Those were happy days, but marriage and motherhood have been better than I ever could have imagined. That roommate, by the way, just got engaged. It feels like the end of an era!

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Louise June 11, 2013 at 8:45 pm

Fabulous photos! The water will be warmer in August, I promise.


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