Woodstock, Vermont

by Leslie on January 24, 2013

IMG_9696I began dreaming of one day visiting Vermont sometime around 1987 when I first saw the movie Baby Boom. Why a seven year old living in Texas would become obsessed with a film about a workaholic New Yorker who gives up the “rat race” to move to rural Vermont to make gourmet baby food, I’m not sure. It does help explain why I missed out on a whole slew of 80′s childhood classics like Goonies though. Luckily my husband shares my love of the Green Mountain State, and with good reason. He grew up there. A slightly more solid reason than Diane Keaton and episodes of Newhart, but whatever. While neither of us are quite ready to follow J.C. Wiatt’s lead and pack it in, buy a Wagoneer, and head north for good, we did agree a short trip to Vermont last week sounded perfect.

I’ve only been to Vermont a few times. Once during high school to look at colleges, and then again with Jolian to visit his hometown of Montpelier and to go camping in Brattleboro. For this trip though, I did my research, and by research I mean googling “cutest towns in Vermont.” Everyone seemed to agree Woodstock, VT was where it’s at. There’s a river and a brook running through town, beautiful architecture dating back to the 1800s, a covered bridge, a good number of restaurants and shops in town, skiing nearby, and one of the prettiest inns I’ve ever stayed at. Words like charming and quaint don’t even begin to do it justice. To top it off, Christmas decorations were still up around town. Wreaths and garland hung on every window and door, twinkly lights on everything, including the covered bridge. I’m a sucker for twinkly lights. It was a great little trip. Check out my pictures below. I threw in some of Gus because I couldn’t help myself.

woodstock vermontOn our way back to New York, we stopped and had lunch in the tiny, adorable town of Grafton, which was second on my list of “Vermont’s cutest towns.” Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more picturesque, we looked out the window of the cafe, the snow falling, covering everything in a thick blanket of white, and saw a red cardinal sitting on a bird feeder. I mean, come on! For real? It was like looking at the scene on a holiday card. It’s hard to make out, but I took a picture of it below. As you can see, Gus loved it all.

Grafton Vermont

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Linda Wisenr January 28, 2013 at 10:42 am

Beautiful photos. This is very much what Duxbury, MA looks like and why I loved it so much.
Of course, the most beautiful is the sweet face of our Gus.
Mamaw Austin


Hilary @ My So-Called Home February 1, 2013 at 9:26 am

Just gorgeous, idylic New England at its finest. Now I want to go to Vermont…and re-watch Baby Boom :)


Holly Moore February 25, 2013 at 7:56 pm

As a newbie to Vermont, I really enjoyed your post on Woodstock. I recently transferred from Texas and started my own interior design business in the Burlington area. I love to go on little adventures around Vermont to find treasures for my clients. Woodstock will be my next destination!



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