Happy Weekend!

by Leslie on July 27, 2012

Have any fun plans for the weekend? I’ve been banned from leaving the city by my doctor, so we’re just going to hang out around here and try to squeeze in a few final date nights before we become a family of 3. We had a fun one this week. We went and saw Annie Hall at the Film Forum, which I’ve seen a million times, but it was such a different experience to see it in a theater. We followed it up with dinner at Hudson Clearwater, a small, hidden restaurant in the West Village. You walk up to the address and it looks like an empty storefront. You continue around the corner, enter through an unmarked green door in a red brick wall (see pic above), walk through a charming little courtyard, up a couple of stairs, and into the restaurant. Only in New York does a restaurant have a hidden entrance! It’s really cute though and the food was great. They serve a duck leg confit salad with rhubarb vinaigrette that I could eat every day. I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the city. Have a great weekend! Here are a few fun links for you:

Like the looks of this new style of jeans.
State pride and dry dishes!
Movie poster awesomeness. (via Cup of Jo)
Saw the red version of these in a store last week and haven’t stopped thinking about them.
Prettiest ipad case I ever did see.
Excited to get super preppy this fall.

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