Pop-up Pool at Pier 2, Brooklyn Bridge Park

by Leslie on July 26, 2012

Jolian’s not working this week, so I convinced him to go with me to test out our new neighborhood pool, which recently opened at Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’m not exactly sure why, but they’re calling it a pop-up pool. I suppose because it’s not permanent – they only plan for it to be open for the next 5 years. When I hear pop-up pool I picture some sort of plastic, above ground number, but this is not that at all. This is a full size inground cement pool. There have been some horror stories this summer with other public pools in the city, so my hopes were pretty low going in. I’m happy to report, this pool is really nice! We went mid-day on Tuesday (I’m sure the weekend is a nightmare), but it wasn’t too crowded. We counted about 40 other people (mainly young kids) in the pool with us. They’ve created 45 minute swimming sessions, which helps with that I’m sure. Every hour on the hour a new group of people are allowed into the pool and then must get out after their allotted 45 minutes for the water to be tested before the new group is let in. I was worried 45 minutes would go by too quickly, but at this point in our lives (Hopefully this will change once we have the baby!) our pain threshold for children shrieking and splashing is pretty low. We were ready to get out after 45 minutes. The water felt amazing though. They also have a sandy beach area with lounge chairs and a snack bar serving hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, etc. to enjoy when you’re not swimming. I can’t attest to the food. As I said, we’d hit our kid limit, so we opted to get a pizza to go from nearby Ignazio’s and have a picnic in the park. All in all, I recommend checking it out, especially if you have kids. I’m excited to take Gus there next summer – they even offer swim lessons in the morning. There’s something surreal about swimming in a pool in the city. It felt like we were somewhere else entirely. That is until we were sitting down outside the pool gates adjusting our things and noticed a huge rat on the rock next to us. Nope, still in New York.

(The pool is free of admission and is open to the public every day between 10am – 6pm through Labor Day)

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