by Leslie on May 18, 2012

Have anything fun planned for the weekend? Jolian is coming home from CT and we’re going to paint and wallpaper the baby’s room. Not exactly fun, but I’m still excited! Before we start, I wanted to share a few before pictures of the room. First off, you should know, it’s not exactly a bedroom. It’s what NYC realtors call a den/bonus room/sun room/etc. It worked great as my office and I’m hopeful it will work for the baby too. It’s an odd little room for sure, but it has a lot character. It was added onto the back of the original house, evidence by the window that connects it to our bedroom and the wooden ceiling that used to be the porch. Most of the walls are brick. I normally love exposed brick, but with this many it feels a little cold, so we’re going to install homasote board over one of them and wallpaper it. I’m hoping that warms it up some and makes it feel a little more like a bedroom. It’s a tiny space, but hey, at least that means less time painting for me! Wish us luck. Have a great weekend!

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