Voyage + Suitcase: MOROCCO

by Leslie on May 11, 2012

When I was 24, my friend, Kate, and I took a trip to southern Spain. We started in Sevilla and then drove down to the coast. Our plan was to take a ferry from Tarifa to Morocco, but were talked out of it. It was probably smart that two 24 year old girls didn’t go to Morocco alone, but I’ve always regretted it. It’s a place that has remained at the top of my vacation wish list. Hopefully one day Kate and I will make it to Morocco, husbands in tow this time. If we do, this is what I’d want to do.

VOYAGE: The top 3 photos are of the incredible AnaYela Hotel located in heart of Marrakech. The building is 300 years old and while being restored into the hotel a hidden love letter was found. It was written by a young girl who lived in the house on the night before her wedding and tells the story of her magical first kiss. The words are now hammered into silver doors throughout the hotel. You can read the letter here. When we aren’t relaxing at this beautiful hotel, I’d want to spend our time riding camels in the desert and haggling for hand-woven Moroccan rugs in the souk. (Camel photo from here; Rug photo from here)

SUITCASE: 1. Emerson Fry Ikat Tunic $248 | 2. J. Crew Café Capri $89.50 | 3. Madewell Pin-Up Shades $49.50 | 4. Towne & Reese Harlow Necklace $40 | 5. Hive & Honey Yvonna Flats $49.99

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