Mother’s Day Gift Guide

by Leslie on April 19, 2012

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching so I’ve put together a little gift guide. I’ve picked a few pretty items because jewelry and flower corsages are always winners, some flower alternatives that will last way longer than that bouquet of tulips you gave her last year, sweet options because I’m pregnant and can currently think of no better gift than the gift of sugar (seriously, my friend Jen brought me 2 boxes of girl scout cookies last week and I’ve never been happier), and some home items I love. I hope this helps you find the perfect present for your mama!

1. Ronnie Kappos Stacked Lucite Bar Necklace $172
2. Early 1900s Edwardian Opal Clover Studs $265 (These are from my favorite antique jewelry store, Erie Basin. All their items sell quickly, but they’re constantly getting in new pieces – so check back regularly)
3. Pom Pom Flower Corsage $15
4. Gold Heart Ring $92
5. Family Silhouette Necklace $36
6. Assymetrical Mini Letter Necklace $198

1. Drop Glass Tillandsia Kit $40
2. Color Coil Pots $19.95
3. Herb Garden Labels $40
4. Heirloom Seed Collection $25
5. Spanish Lavender $58

1. Baked’s Cookie Platter $29
2. Four & Twenty Blackbirds’ Salty Honey Pie $35 (I just had a piece of this pie last week and nearly cried – it’s so good. They don’t ship, so if you live outside NYC, here’s the recipe. Photo by Joshua Kristal)
3. Zabar’s Babka and Rugelach $69 (including shipping)
4. Chocolate Croissants, Set of 15 $39.95
5. Tru Bee Honey & Wood Honey Dipper $12 and $2.50

1. Beach Blanket $48
2. Leather Strap Cutting Boards $60
3. Diptyque ‘Baies’ Scented Oval $45 (to hang in her closet)
4. Colored Moroccan Handblown Tea Glasses £25
5. Crinkled-Stripe Throw $78 (The world’s softest blanket)

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