Tied Quilt Baby Playmat

by Leslie on April 18, 2012

My grandmother made my mom a tied quilt to use as her sleeping bag when she was little. My sister has it now and every time I’m in Austin I love to cuddle up with it. It’s thicker than her other quilts and makes the best palette on the floor. According to the WWW, this type of quilt was popular during the Depression era because they were inexpensive, warm, and could be made quickly. I can attest to their warmness, and honestly, I just like the way the ties look as opposed to traditional quilting.

I decided I wanted to make a smaller version of a tied quilt to use for the baby’s playmat. My first craft project for the baby! I headed over to the happiest place on earth, Purl Soho, and found these great Japanese fabrics from Kokka. They’re a little on the pricey side, but really nice quality. Aside from being ridiculously cute, they’re a mid-weight fabric making them sturdy while still remaining soft – perfect for a baby playmat. I also found some orange jumbo ric rac for the edge and matching orange yarn for the ties. This project is so much quicker and easier than a normal quilt, and I think the finished product is adorable. Can’t wait for our little guy to use it for some tummy time! Click below to see how I made it.


STEP ONE: Pin the 2 fabrics and batting together starting in the middle and working toward the outside, smoothing the fabric as you go. Trim the edges so all 3 layers are the same size.
STEP TWO: Layer and repin the fabrics and batting in this order: On top, the bottom fabric facing down; in the middle, the top fabric facing up (so the good side of both fabrics are now facing each other); on the bottom, the cotton batting. You could put them in this order before you trim the edges and eliminate step one, but I wanted to see both patterns on the fabrics when I was pinning/trimming so I could be sure they were straight.
STEP THREE: Pin the ric rac along the edges between the 2 fabrics, making a 90 degree angle at the corners.
STEP FOUR: Using your sewing machine, sew the edge of the quilt leaving about an 8-inch opening on one side. Pay attention to the ric rac and try to sew through the middle of it.
STEP FIVE: Flip the quilt inside out so that the good sides of the fabrics are facing out and the batting is now in the middle. Hand-stitch the 8-inch opening closed.
STEP SIX: Using pins as markers, figure out where you want to place your ties. I made 4 rows of ties down and 5 rows of ties across, all approximately 7 inches apart. Be sure to measure your final quilt to figure out your proper spacing. Go back and add the actual ties using your embroidery needle and yarn and making sure to go through all 3 layers. Ta da!

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