Wear Your Hair Like A French Girl

by Leslie on March 19, 2012

I’m finally home after a week in Austin followed by a week in Richmond, now laid up in bed with a cold. Too much traveling for me I guess. Normally I fight taking cold medicine when I’m sick, hating the loopy feeling that comes with it, but now that I’m pregnant and it’s not an option I would do anything for some NyQuil. Instead, it’s just me and my neti pot. Gross, yes, but strangely satisfying.

I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow so I can go outside and enjoy the first day of spring and these incredible 70 degree temps we’re having. If I do, I’m breaking out a scarf and wrapping it around a messy bun so I can look like a French girl inspired by this post on the blog Hello It’s Valentine. Valentine (pictured above and below) gives instructions on her three favorite ways to wear a scarf in your hair. It’s in French, but worry not, I had 3 semesters of French in college + a semester abroad in Cannes. I’ve got this:

“I often wear a scarf in my hair, not difficult to have remark (that second part must be wrong). These are my three preferred (something with accessorizing?), to wear (something) on the head…”

Okay, maybe I’m a little rusty. Just look at the pictures.

(Pictures from Hello It’s Valentine via Wit & Delight)

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