Tulamben, Bali

by Leslie on December 21, 2011

After Ubud, we headed to the small fishing village of Tulamben located on the east coast of Bali for one reason alone – the Liberty. The Liberty is a US ship that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942 during WWII. A destroyer was close by when it was attacked and towed the ship to the beach in Tulamben to unload its cargo before it sank. It sat on the beach for 21 years until in 1963 tremors associated with the eruption of Mount Agung caused the ship to slide into the water where it has been resting ever since. It’s now one of the top dive sites in Bali. WWII + sunken ship + diving = Jolian’s trifecta of happiness so it was a must see for us.

We stayed at a nice German hotel located directly in front of the dive site so Jolian was able to walk out from the beach to dive. The beach is made up of black volcanic rock and offers amazing snorkeling right off shore. You can even snorkel to the Liberty wreck, although it proved a little too far for me. When I’m in more than 10 feet of water all I can think about is rogue sharks. Jolian has banned me from watching Shark Week ever again.

We had 2 nice days in Tulamben. Jolian was able to do 3 dives, including 1 night dive of the wreck (my worst nightmare, but he loved it!). And thanks to our hotel, we had plenty of delicious schnitzel!

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