Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

by Leslie on December 3, 2011

So our Andaman Sea island hopping adventure got off to a bit of a rocky start. Our first stop on the Malaysian island of Langkawi was a total bust. We arrived by ferry from Penang with the intention of staying a few days, but immediately one thing after another went wrong. First off, the island itself wasn’t exactly what we had imagined. It’s a huge place, completely built up with Starbucks, a Kenny Rogers Roasters (not kidding), hotels, streets lined with hostels, backpackers everywhere (of the db variety), cars zooming past making it hard to cross the street. Not exactly peaceful. The hotel we booked was a total dump, not to mention stifling. The A/C we’d paid extra for didn’t seem to work, and located a few blocks from the beach, there wasn’t even a breeze to help the situation. Jolian wears shorts until it’s below 60 degrees, so this wasn’t good for him. We decided to drop our bags and head to the beach for a swim to cool off. Unfortunately when we got there, we found the water full of jelly fish, big ones. We saw probably 20 washed up on the beach alone. With swimming not an option, tired, hot and seriously pouty, we sat down for lunch where a bird proceeded to shit on my head. That did it. That was my sign to move on. So a few nights in Langkawi turned into one. We happily boarded a ferry the next morning headed to Thailand, hopeful we’d have better luck there. Thankfully we did find a cute beach bar in Langkawi before we left and experienced a beautiful sunset, delicious BBQ, and cheap beer (a rarity in Malaysia). Little Lylia’s Chill Out Bar saved the day! As bad as it gets, it’s never too bad. I’ll take bird shit in my hair on an island in Southeast Asia over working any day!

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