Farquhar’s Bar

by Leslie on November 30, 2011

I recently posted about my dream job, which was to own an inn somewhere on the coast in New England, and the perfect sign I found for this inn. In my daydream Jolian would run a cozy little bar next door. I’m not sure if running a bar is his honest answer to the “if you could do anything” question, but he’s supportive and plays along with my fantasy. I’m happy to report while in Penang we found his perfect sign too. We stumbled upon it hanging outside Farquhar’s Bar in the beautiful Eastern & Oriental hotel. Isn’t it great? Besides having a great sign, the bar served up some pretty good cocktails as well.  So now that that’s settled I think we’re ready to move forward. All you need is a good sign to run a successful bar and inn, right?

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