Hong Kong and Kowloon Parks

by Leslie on November 20, 2011

When Jolian and I were thinking of how best to describe Hong Kong, we came up this little gem of a description: it’s like the Jetsons set in Jurassic Park. Yeah, I don’t think Lonely Planet is going to be calling for us to write for them anytime soon, but you get the idea. There are crazy, modern skyscrapers built on this tropical, green, mountainous island landscape. It’s pretty spectacular. No place did I feel this strange combination more than Hong Kong Park. In the middle of the bustling city is this serene park filled with aviaries, waterfalls and ponds of giant koi. Okay, I have to admit, koi kind of freak me out for some reason, but the rest of the park, awesome.

Below are the flamingos in Kowloon Park. It was right next to where we were staying, so we would walk through with our coffee every morning.

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