Ap Lei Chau Market

by Leslie on November 19, 2011

After visiting the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, we took a boat to the island of Ap Lei Chau, which is on the other side of Aberdeen Harbor from Hong Kong. (Fun fact: it’s name means duck tongue island, which refers to its shape) There, we visited the island’s huge indoor market filled with stalls selling every kind of seafood you can imagine. The thing that struck me as we entered was that the market didn’t smell fishy at all. It was truly incredible. All of the seafood was either kept alive or so freshly killed (one headed and halved fish still had a beating heart, I kid you not) that it didn’t have the faintest odor. We saw all sorts of amazing seafood including the biggest fish I’ve ever seen – see the picture at the bottom. It must have weighed 200 pounds. Above the the market is a cooked food center that is supposed to serve amazing food, but alas, we were already full of the stupid floating restaurant’s bad dim sum. Bugh. Lesson learned.

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