Felted Airplane Baby Blanket

by Leslie on September 7, 2011

I love to give handmade baby gifts. My hope is that it’ll be a little more meaningful than a breast pump from a registry, although no doubt less helpful. The key for me though is to make something that doesn’t take much time, otherwise I get too attached and place more importance on the item than it deserves. I made the mistake of knitting my niece a blanket when she was born. That sucker took me 6 months to make and it still enrages me when I see it discarded in the corner of her room. I had this dream that it would become her security blanket, but I’m pretty sure the only times she’s used it are when I’m there forcing it around her. So, it’s easier crafts or I end up resenting the child for not appreciating my gift enough. Tessa, I’m looking at you.

Our friends are having a baby boy any day now, so I decided to make a felted airplane baby blanket for his impending arrival. His dad has been taking flying lessons this past year, so I’m sure he’ll grow up with a love of planes. For anyone who hasn’t felted before, it is one of the easiest, quickest and most enjoyable crafts, in my opinion, and will keep baby Memphis from getting the evil eye from me one day.

Here’s what you need to get started:

First sketch the shape you want to felt onto a piece of card stock. Cut out the shape and trace it onto the blanket using a fine tip marker. (I decided not to felt the window of the plane – well, actually I forgot to trace it and then decided it was a good subconscious decision)

Start with the edges using the pen style felting tool to be more precise. Simply push the needle up and down securing the wool roving fibers to blanket fibers (remember to have the felting mat or foam underneath the blanket).

Once the edges are done, use your larger felting tool to fill in the middle. As you continue to felt, you will notice areas that become thin, add more wool roving and continue to felt until you get your desired look. You will be able to see the fibers combined on the backside. When finished, wrap it up in a bow and send it off!

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