A Plethora of Pretty Flats

by Leslie on August 9, 2011

I’ve mentioned before my refusal to wear anything but flats, first and foremost as a safety precaution for my constant tripping and secondly due to the immediate whining and inevitable walking home barefoot that comes along with wearing heels. In the past, I’ve been a loyal Target flats shopper. At $14.99 I can buy many pairs, which is helpful since I wear out shoes pretty quickly in NYC. My wallet loves them, while my poor, scarred feet are a different story. For some reason, they’re not as keen on pleather. They’ve been begging for something a little nicer, breathable, softer, that ideally doesn’t cause blisters, heel bleeding or sweaty feet. So, I’ve decided to give in and spoil my dogs with one nicer pair of flats this fall. I’m so excited by the selection I have to pick from at Anthropologie for this splurge – all the colors and fun embellishments. I’m loving the trinket flats, especially the acorn ones. Mossimo’s never come with trinkets!

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