by Leslie on August 4, 2011

I realize Bossypants has been out for months, is on the New York Times bestseller list, and most of the country already knows this, but holy hell, this book is hilarious! I’ve never laughed out loud more. I picked up a copy of at the airport this past weekend and have been laugh/snorting ever since, so much so that I’m hesitant to read it on the subway for fear I won’t be able to contain this laugh/snorting. I love you, Tina Fey!

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Jill Driscoll August 8, 2011 at 11:28 am

Just one more comment (I mean after the comments I made via Twitter): I was trying to read this in bed and I would start to laugh so hard I had to put my hand over my mouth and nose, roll out of bed and run into the kitchen to guffaw so as not to wake the slumbering Jimbo-san.

And since you gave me such a huge compliment in saying that my humor in any way reminds you of Tina Fey, let me toot my own horn on that note. There were two things that actually were “my material” that she included in her book. The lawsuit will be filed soon. One was her comment about comparing something we consider difficult to do today to having to take a stage coach and all the horror that entailed back in the day. My children will tell you that I compare everything they complain about to “the conestoga people.” If they say the internet is slow! I say, “Wow. I bet the conestoga people wouldn’t have been able to handle that.” So on and so forth. I am sure my gravestone will have something about the conestoga people etched on it. I was thinking maybe they would just engrave a covered wagon, but that would be too Boomer Sooner, so that won’t bloody likely happen. Hook ‘em!
The other item Ms. Fey stole from me was comparing America’s melting pot to a fondue in which there is a little pocket of flour that hasn’t been properly dispersed. I have said THE SAME THING for YEARS. Only, I always said it was a blob of Velveeta. Don’t cringe about the Velveeta, Leslie. LOL

Anyway, love you and so loving your blog. Truly, first thing when I get to work, pour my coffee into my little desk thermos and then sit down in front of my computer and read Felt and Honey.


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