Garlic Scapes Today at This Batch

by Leslie on June 28, 2011

This Batch, a sort of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) providing seasonal, local produce directly from farmers, has officially started today in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn and they’re selling garlic scapes! Unlike other CSAs, there are no work hours required or commitment to purchase a certain amount of produce. You simply enter your email here and they send you a message on Saturday or Sunday to tell you what they’re selling that week. You get to choose whether you want it and how much you want to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I totally admire my friends who work their shifts at the food coops for their take home of organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables, but if you are not ready for that level of commitment this is a great way to dip your toe in the CSA pool.

Today, for This Batch’s grand opening, they have delicious garlic scapes from John Glebocki’s black dirt farm. They’re $8 per 1/2 pound bunch and can be picked up between 7am and 9pm at Rucola Brooklyn, their partner in this venture and a fantastic new restaurant located at 190 Dean St. at Bond. We rode our bicycles there bright and early this morning to get a pound of them before work. Very unlike me to get up that early if I don’t have to, so I hope they’re worth it!

Garlic scapes are the top curly stem that sprouts out of a garlic plant and are cut off by farmers to strengthen the garlic bulb. I discovered them several years ago at the (sadly) now closed Mircle Grill, perfectly pickled and served in their bloody marys. I’ve been dreaming of that bloody mary accompaniment since they closed and am excited at the chance to try to make my own. Upon looking online, I found people really love garlic scape pesto, so I am adding that to the list as well. If you live in Brooklyn, go get yours before they are gone!

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