Paper Flowers

by Leslie on June 2, 2011

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I am hosting a bridal shower in my garden this month. Inspired by Brittany and Paul’s lovely wedding that was featured on 100 layer cake, I decided to give the paper flower theme a go. Brittany gives a thorough tutorial on giant paper flower making here. I spent a few hours this past weekend making several of them in various sizes and colors and am pleased with how they turned out. They were really easy to make and evoke a feeling of whimsy and fun that I love.

I attached floral wire to act as a stem on some and was thinking they might work as party favors (like the one my lovely hand model is holding below).  My plan is to put them all around the garden, as centerpieces, and maybe even to create a garland using some of the smaller ones. What do you think?


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