Bridal Shower Invitations

by Leslie on May 31, 2011

I love making invitations, but I’m always disappointed with my printing quality. Even using the special photo printer at work when no one is looking, the color is never as bright and crisp as I’d like. The card stock is a wee bit too thin. I want them to look more professional, but still have a handmade touch. So this time, when planning my friend’s bridal shower I decided to order the invitations and personalize them with a few special details.

Luckily I found these adorable invitations on minted. Since we are having the shower in my garden, I thought they would be perfect. They came with plain white envelopes so that was the first thing I changed. I found clover green envelopes and pink paper to make envelope liners at Paper-Source. They ended up looking like a watermelon, which wasn’t my intention, but still cute. I like watermelons.

There wasn’t enough space on the invitations to list the bride’s registry, so I made a small tag out of wildflower seed paper and attached it with raffia. Seed paper is awesome. The texture and look of the paper is beautiful, but best of all, you can plant it and wildflowers will grow. Perfect for the garden/flower theme.

Neither of these additions took long or cost much, and hopefully they give the invitations the special feeling I was trying to achieve.

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